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Callaway FT-i Driver

Callaway FT-i Driver

The Callaway FT-i driver builds on the company’s exclusive Fusion Technology to produce a driver that is designed to be the world’s straightest. Love it or hate it, this driver has a squared shaped head like the Nike Sumo2 and Nickent’s 3DX Square. But the square head is not just about looks – it serves a particular function.

The square 460 cc clubhead enables the weight to be located outside the usual zone compared to other drivers. It utilizes Carbon Body technology which means it is lighter than a traditional titanium driver. The weight saved and square shape has enabled Callaway to push the driver’s weight to the extreme corners of the head, increasing the club’s resistance to twisting when struck off-center and therefore raising the Moment of Inertia (MOI) to provide extreme forgiveness on shots all across the clubface.
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When a ball is struck, the Callaway FT-i driver‘s clubface twists on two axes and this enables a more robust and strong head. The VFT Technology means that the clubface is thicker in the center and thin towards the edges which allows more energy to be transferred to the golf ball.

The OptiFit Weights system enables players to select different center of gravity locations for influencing the balls trajectory. This helps them choose a club that best suits their swing for straighter and longer shots.

There are three center of gravity locations to choose from. To promote a draw or reduce a slice/fade the weight is located at the heel of the club. For a neutral selection the weight is place in the middle, while for a fade or reducing a hook/draw the weight is located in the toe.

Additional weight is located in the heel of the club to ensure the face is square when struck and that those shots that are hit away from the center are encouraged to move straight.

The shaft is a Fujikura Speeder 586. The lofts are 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 13.

A Tour version of the Callaway FT-i is also available and is designed for more skillful or Tour players.

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  1. Michael Says:

    The Callaway FT-i drivers is amazing to say the least. I definitely hit the ball longer. I have always hit the ball pretty straight so it is hard to comment on that point. The only thing that took some getting use to was the sound it makes.

  2. Trevor Says:

    The FTi draw bias is amazing. I been fading/slicing the ball of late until i tried the FTi 10″. I am hitting the ball straigter and longer consistantly.


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