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Taylormade R7 Draw Irons

Taylormade R7 Draw Irons

The R7 Draw irons are the latest aid for high handicappers from TaylorMade Golf.

These clubs are built-as their name suggests-with a built in draw bias. Wdight has been removed from the cavity area in the toe and moved closer to the heel, allowing the player to close the clubface more quickly, reducing the slice and encouraging a draw. Slicing is further reduced by the offset design.

Like other R7 design clubs, the R7 Draw Irons feature TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Techonology-the same technology that makes their drivers and woods so forgiving and so long. The inverted cone expands the Coeffient of Restitution (COR) zone for consistently longer shots-even on mishits.

The R7 Draw Irons have been made even more forgiving with their wide, cambered sole, which is designed to glide over turf and reduce the chance of fat shots.

Vibration from off center hits is reduced by the unique Dampening Web (that’s the little “X” structure on the back of the club)

The Taylormade website listed info is:

  • Draw-Weighted Technology concentrates weight in the back heel area, encouraging faster clubface rotation through impact to promote a draw
  • Inverted Cone Technology provides higher COR and increased average ball speed for greater distance
  • Dampening web made of soft aluminum soaks up vibration to promote a phenomenally soft feel at impact
  • Ultra-deep and wide cavity design creates a low and deep CG, making it easier to launch the ball higher for the optimum combination of carry and control
  • Maximum offset makes it easier to rotate the clubface at and through impact, encouraging a distance-producing draw
  • Wide, cambered sole discourages digging and encourages gliding, making it easier to hit it high and long from a variety of lies

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